A Marriage Preparation Not A Wedding Preparation

Monday, August 10, 2015

A Marriage Preparation Not A Wedding Preparation

Reflecting on the experience of friends and also myself who are married, when time to get married comes we are often too busy preparing for a wedding party than life after marriage. Who does not want a lifetime wedding went smoothly, sacred and festive if you can? The problem is, after the marriage feast is finished, there is the next step we are going to live that turned out to have a lot of consequences in it, namely marriage life.

Back when I was preparing for a wedding, I have not heard about the importance of pre marriage counseling. In fact, from here we could really prepare to be a responsible partner and that is not less important to be a responsible parent.

The high rate of abuse and neglect committed by parents against children because the parents did not receive sufficient understanding when enter marriage life so, they haven’t prepared take on the role as a parent, as an explanation of the psychologist.

What was pre marriage counseling?

Pre marriage counseling is an effort to awaken the bride that there are many consequences to be faced after marriage, many responsibilities to be held. What are the consequences of a marriage? We will sacrifice many things, from time, financially to energy sacrificing. In the end, we will have a partner, have a large family and have children that we cannot back away so easily if we do not get along or comfortable with all the consequences. Well, Pre marriage counseling will take us to be ready mentally with all the consequences.

Once we understand about the responsibilities and consequences that we will face, with the ability to pre-marital education or skills to face all of it will be improved.

In terms of psychology, for example ranging from self-knowledge and the introduction of the couple. Self-introduction can mean we are invited to recognize the problems we are about to have and the impact on marriage, what our weaknesses are and what we should do.

The introduction of couples is more to us to make sure whether he really suited for me. Could I accept if the spouse angry or not annoyed with his habits?
The introduction of the interaction between husband and wife, what such forms of communication we can do, how far we can discuss all our problems.

Pre-marriage counseling and our readiness as a parent

From this education, we are invited to realize that having children was not an issue for 1-2 years, but it is a decision of a lifetime. No matter how old we are, how much money we have even until we die there is our responsibility as a parent to the child.

When is the right time to attend pre marriage counseling?

It can be started since we are still single because at that time we still think of ourselves more freely, ensuring any personal issues that are still a burden in our lives. Given the introduction of self and how to resolve a personal issue.

Where we can get pre marriage counseling?

Pre marriage counseling currently only followed by those who have awareness. However, we can try to ask in a place of worship or religious leaders.

Additional hints promise ring finger.