What To Do To Overcome Marriage Boredom

Monday, August 10, 2015

What To Do To Overcome Marriage Boredom

In marriage live, there must be up and down. Not just a matter of quarrel, but sometimes it was used in live with each other; a sense of love that started a wedding could have been washed out or eroded by time. This phenomena we used to call boredom in relationship.

Seriously, in my neighborhood, there are couples experiencing this feeling too. What about me? Yes, it is definitely there, it is marriage life….

Before discussing how to overcome boredom in relationship, let's find out first what is the cause.

External factors

This factor could be due to the busyness of each party. It could be also because one of the husband or wife has a new dynamic world. Make new friends, join in a particular community, and so on. Many people believe the external factors cause of boredom in marriage is always due to the presence of a third person. In my opinion, not always but sometimes there is a possibility, especially in the Internet era, as now not just a physical affair, cheating the text in the era of social media is very likely to happen, you know.

Internal factors

One of the internal factors could be due to either husband and wife doesn’t feel appreciated each other.  For example, a wife who cooks and run the household at the same time also working, but never once complimented by her husband.  Or a husband, got a promotion at work that is not only gets higher salaries, but workload too, instead appreciating the increase the family income, but only complained of a husband who is less in time with family.

Other internal factors, I think it is in small things are the appearance of each at home. As a wife sometimes busy grooming if want out of the house, while in front of husband less of grooming.
So, how to overcome this boredom? Read carefully marriage tips below.

Change the things that have become a habit

Change the layout of the house, the color of the walls of the house, or simply shift the bed to a different location it can affect the mood, you know! Do not believe? Please try :)
We can also change the daily habits. For example, occasionally get outdoor breakfast both spouses, back from the office on a date with husband, and so on.

Do something together

This is my favorite marriage tips to do. Certainly many things can be done together, start from sports, cooking, cleaning the house and so on.

Realize that there are certain phases in marriage

All couples, surely want as newlyweds continue as long as the age of marriage. But yes from us want to like it, but it turns out the husband wants a different relationship. Conversely as a newlywed husband wanted to continue, but the wife exhaustion taking care of children and household work. The age factor also affects...
The point is each party must be aware of and understand the stages in marriage and how partner's daily life.

Support couples to have new activities

Has a new activity can be a dilemma because partner can engrossed with his world. On the other hand, if he is enjoying his new world, he may feel life more colorful and dynamic. To note is we do not alike dissolve in the new world.
Actually, make this new world as a bridge of communication with a partner. If it was just talking about children, funding for education, home, and so on, then it could widen the conversation about hobbies like biking, hiking, and others.

Back to the bedroom

Sex matters, as mentioned in this article, it could be a unifying also could be a problem in the marriage. In my opinion, do not have sex with a partner because of routine, but because you want to do. Many ways to revive the sexual desire, one is with fantasizing. Additional info wooden engagement rings