Get The Pretty Look Nails On The Wedding

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Get The Pretty Look Nails On The Wedding

If you get bored with a usual color, you can try the following nail trend that is getting a special appearance at the wedding.

Have you already registered what is often to be aware of on your wedding day? In addition to dress and hairstyle, nail appearance is also important to note. Unfortunately, even forgotten. In fact, the wedding ring on the Tiffany infinity ring finger pinned gorgeous bride will also be a concern. The eyes of the guests will be on the fingers of the bride. This is why manicure and pedicure become no less important than makeup and a wedding dress.

Get treatment and nail polish a day before the wedding in the reliable place as Vea Nail Art and Nail Avenue, so that your toenails to hands look beautiful. Make sure your nails long enough before the D-day. However, if it is not long enough, you can attach the acrylic nail. In recent years, the trend of beautiful nails offers quite a lot of choice. You can adjust the shape of the nails and the application of the color according to the taste or even the color of the wedding dress. Here are some references gorgeous nail trends of the nail polish that can inspire your appearance.

1. Classic with a twist
For you who want beautiful nails to seem simple, classic colors such as nude with an extra sprinkling of glitter can be an option. Glitter application can be done at the end of the nail or nail tip outside only. Some even just applying glitter to the ring finger nails only, while the other nails get a gold-colored horizontal line.

2. Contemporary caviar
Your fingers are filled with micro beads will look effortless and beautifully wrapped in a wedding dress. White and black colors will look elegant on your ring finger.

3. 3D nail art designs
Want more bold and trendy? Try 3D nail art designs are predicted to be the most popular nail polish trend throughout 2015. This 3D nail art can be applied together with accessories such as stickers, flowers, beads, and more. Polish nail with French styled manicure, then apply 3D nail art that will further enhance your nail on the wedding day.

4. Lovely lace
Details your lace wedding dress also can be applied to the nails. If you do not want lace attached to the nails, just put lace on the nail, then polish with a nail polish color to taste. After that, allow it to dry. After drying, remove the lace and a pretty lace pattern already attached to the nail.