How To Prepare Your First Wedding Night

Monday, August 24, 2015

How To Prepare Your First Wedding Night

When hearing about the wedding night, what comes in mind? More to the curiosity or excited? Based on the colleagues told, the most brides feel excited when thinking about the first night.  But not a few who feels curious, one thing is sure; all the brides who were interviewed wanted their first wedding night running smoothly. Therefore, we will share tips on what should be prepared so that first night ran smoothly. More to read at 

Turn off your phones

Surely you will feel tired after a full day of the wedding process so take advantage of your first night as a time alone with your partner. Make sure the quality of the moment because this is the first time you spend time as husband and wife, switch off the smartphone so that you are not disturbed. Our advice is that you stay at the hotel so that privacy is maintained.

Eat something

Most brides do not take a meal at the reception because usually other things distract them. But, after the wedding is over, then hunger will appear, so make sure you stay at the hotel where room service available until midnight. Certainly both of you do not want the first wedding night you plan failed because of the rumbling stomach, don’t you?


The first wedding night certainly should be something that is not forgotten. Therefore, do not forget to wear lingerie that you like. Usually your closest friends will give lingerie as a bridal shower gift. But if you feel less comfortable with the lingerie you can buy your own. Maybe you will feel nervous when wearing lingerie at the first time, just ignore it because your husband is actually also waiting for this moment you know!

Set the mood

Well, the mood is very important in the success of your first wedding night. If you really still do not feel comfortable, try to dim the lights in the room. Besides, it can make you more confident, the atmosphere becomes more romantic! In addition, you can also light an aromatherapy candle and music in order to make the atmosphere becomes more relaxing.


Based on the results of my discussions with friends, there are many who fail to undergo the first wedding night because of too nervous! That is why so important for you to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Even if you fail to undergo the first night, it's okay because it turns out there are many couples who had felt the first night on subsequent nights. Take your time, girls!

Late check out

When you book a hotel, do not forget to ask for a late check out the next day. Do not rush to pack up and go home because you certainly wake up late the next day.  In order to be more relaxed do not forget to ask for late check out to the receptionist. By the way, do not forget also to ask for a room service delivering breakfast to your room.

Well, how about tips from us? Hopefully these tips can make your first wedding night running smoothly, enjoy! Get more articles on Jareds jewelry article.