Things Changed After Married

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Things Changed After Married

What is the difference between dating and  already married? I asked the colleague before I got married. A gentleman, about forty years old and had been married for fifteen years.

“Yes, definitely different! It's exciting getting married anyway, you will feel it too. "He replied.

Now I've been married for five years. There are many things changed after marriage. At least four fundamental things that changed after marriage. Among other things are:

  • Matters of eating and sleeping

At the beginning of the wedding, a big change that occurred is a matter of eating and sleeping. Breakfast usually served by a housemaid or mama, but after marriage, I realized I had an obligation to serve the husband's breakfast before leaving for work and always provide food at home.
For me this is fun because previously I’m the one who cannot cook become more diligent to try a new recipe for a husband. Another story about the bed, brace yourself for "sharing a bed" with her husband. Friend of mine was shocked when at first night sleeping with her husband because she usually sleeps alone, suddenly had to wake up startled to hear her husband's snoring.

  • Matters of money

Financial affairs in every household must have a different set, but certainly after marriage, we have shared our money. Luckily for the women since most households principle is "your money is my money, my money is your money". If at the time of courtship, I hesitate to ask buy a bag or shoes, after marriage I can be more relaxed ask for something desirable to the husband.

  • No mask

Hesitate, do not want to look ugly and behave while courting will disappear after marriage. Staying in the same house with one partner makes me be myself what it is. I wake up with a random mess of hair and get droll. Sharing one bathroom with different activity where are the one taking a shower and other toilet ended up in the morning. Wearing a favorite clothes or even pass gas in front of the couple. All of that became commonplace, and no longer do feel bad.

  • Lifetime partner

When married couples would be our idea of change, the couple turned into our life partner. I see him still like my boyfriend I used to know, but I also consider it like my father, my brother, and the father of my son, my co-workers and others. I became more mature after marriage. Together with him, I think of things that are much more serious as to have the house, child support and achieve the dreams together.

Well, happy viewers that’s the story of mine about things changed after marriage, all those changes I live with joy because I have chosen a lifetime partner of my own.
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