The Best Age to Get Married

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Best Age to Get Married

Ideal age to get married. The readiness for marriage cannot be assessed on the basis of age. Even so building family at a young age are also not recommended. The reasons also vary, ranging from unstable emotional state, reproductive health endangerment, unprepared to economic factors. Married too young is also one of the causes of household foundered for some couples.

Therefore, married at a mature age is recommended. A study conducted by the National Survey of Family Growth also expressed so. According to the study, the risk of divorce can be pushed if the couple ties the promise in the age of 30 years.

But do not also too long to decide to get married because based on research of The Institute for Family Studies the best age to get married is between 28 to 32 years. Study leader, Nicholas H. Wolfinger said that based on census data, those who married in the late 30s or early 40s are also susceptible to divorce.

It sounds reasonable. People who are aged 28 years are generally more discreet and have a more settled economic life. Two things are certainly very necessary to sustain the life of the household.

The ideal age to get married can indeed be different for each person. But one sure way to prevent divorce is to find the right partner. Another study conducted by Mic site was revealed when the best way to get a girlfriend is to meet face to face. In other words, the study does not recommend that you find a girlfriend in social media or matchmaking sites.

Speaking about the spouses, there is a study, which revealed that the majors that you choose affects the election turns out the wife or the husband. The best age to get married based on the census conducted in the US, 10-21% of people who are married have a similar educational status. It was most common among those who graduated in the fields of theology, science, pharmacy, as well as music. Interesting article may find in pearl engagement rings tiffany