3 Phases Of Relationship After Marriage

Thursday, August 27, 2015

3 Phases Of Relationship After Marriage

Do you start seriously looking for a mate?  Or you already have a partner and decided to bring the relationship towards marriage?

Congratulations then! As gifts to you and for you are still looking for, do not give up keep the spirit. I will describe not only the beauty of the wedding, but also a certain bitter phase you will face no matter how long you've known your partner.
Briefly, this is how you and your partner feel the post-wedding:

1. Honeymoon phase

In the new phase of this marriage, you're happy to have a spouse who legally could you meet a 24 hours non-stop. Like a teenager have a new dating where the world seemed belong to you both.

  • Plus point: Always excited! You like to enjoy every second of time with your partner.
  • Minus point: Somewhat forget those closest because of the thrill when enjoying time together.

2. Struggle phase

Phase of happiness is starting over, which is indicated when you have children, plan to move to a larger house, falter in careers, children's education expenses, and other thrilling round decision that inevitably have to be looking for a way out. During this time marriage periods are tested.

This phase might hardly pass without dissent. In this phase also, the original nature of partner will be revealed. Many couples realized that they do not match and decided to separate. But still, in this phase you may learn a lot about living together with partners.

  • Plus point: Meets expectations in the household gradually; have a child and accompany him to grow up, have a home or own personal vehicle, and get a suitable job. You will be thankful one day!
  • Minus point: There is no end results are beautiful without process. This phase requires a struggle and great patience because this is where you are tested physically and mentally tested to meet the challenges of marriage. Therefore, draw up strategies as early as possible so that this phase can be passed very well.

3. Second honeymoon phase

After many challenges that you have been through, you and your partner will be more settled with a lot of things. You become more sophisticated in dealing with problems. In addition, a growing age makes you have to let go of work at the office and also release the child to develop his own wedding. At that time, you will become more focused on your partner and feel the love overflowing back like a newlywed. You are so much easier to plan vacations or just a short stroll to memorize of the old courtship. Congratulations, now you may reap the results!

  • Plus point: You can breathe more easily, no longer thought about paying all sorts of costs, there is no requirement to educate children in the right way even now it is time your son are watching you. You just enjoy the beauty of the world.
  • Minus point: Sometimes miss this kind of stress, especially you do not busy with work or child activities that a few tens of years you always encounter everyday. But of course now your focus you can bestow on the faithful partner accompany you until today.
However, a serious relationship takes a maximum effort from both sides. But I believe, with the provision has given so you are not surprised anymore when it comes to face it. You can also steal started by asking how your partner’s thinking patterns, for example about how to raise a child. Good luck!

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