Indochina Honeymoon Destination

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Indochina Honeymoon Destination

The honeymoon is one of the important agenda in a series of wedding, many of the brides admitted that they could not wait to take a vacation and relax after a long wedding preparation. Unfortunately, many of them claim cannot be on holiday too long because of time off, which is low or small budget for a honeymoon. In our opinion, the honeymoon does not have to always go to a place far away and expensive! Honeymoon destinations in Southeast Asia are also no less good in Europe or America you know! Come check here:

Hoi An, Vietnam

If you and your partner are lovers of history and culture, then we suggest Hoi An as honeymoon destinations you both. Hoi An town atmosphere still dotted with buildings of the past because the Vietnamese government sought to preserve the historical heritage. Well, do not be surprised when Hoi An was awarded as one of the world heritage sites by UNESCO.

Hoi An is located in central Vietnam also offers the atmosphere of the beach and the countryside. In addition, you can still find the typical food of authentic Vietnamese in this area! Can you imagine how delicious it is?

To reach Hoi An, you need to go to Ho Chi Min City advance next you have to take a connecting flight about one hour 15 minutes to Da Nang. After that, you have to travel overland approximately 43 minutes to reach Hoi An.

Bagan, Myanmar

In several articles, Bagan referred to as one of the places you should visit in this world. Maybe you will be a little shudder when hearing the word Myanmar, considering the country is underdeveloped areas compared to other countries such as Singapore. There are so many amazing things offered by this region, ranging from the thousands of temples that stretch across the city to the village atmosphere that makes your honeymoon more memorable.

Because the area is still classified as underdeveloped areas, then we suggest you to search for local travel agent to take care of all your accommodation here. There is also a good idea to overstate the hotel budget in order for your honeymoon more enjoyable. The most appropriate time to visit this area is from November to February. Around this month, you can also take a hot air balloon and watch thousands of temples from a height.

To reach this city, you can use the plane from the capital city of Yangon, which lasted about one hour 30 minutes.

Honeymoon destinations above are selected according to the personality of each couple. Maybe some of you just want to relax on the beach, but also wanted to try something different. Which type you and your partners are? Navigate to this website Tiffany promise rings