Are You Ready to Marry?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Are You Ready to Marry?

Recently, colleagues and me often involved conversations about one's readiness to move to the stage of marriage. Many of the married couples admit that feeling of not ready will always exist, even the day before the wedding! But, calm down it does not mean he or she is not the perfect couple.

From some of these conversations, we tried to summarize the things that indicate you and your partner are ready to take steps ahead by getting married. Let’s have a look:

Accepting each other
Everyone must have weaknesses and strengths. Sometimes there is some weakness that couples rather difficult to accept and usually this matter may trigger a fight at a later date.  Back in time when were dating, maybe you can just run away from your couple whose have a weakness, which unacceptable and do not wish to continue the relationship. Obviously it is different when you are married, which should be remembered that marriage is a lifetime commitment and you have to deal with the shortfall for the rest of your life. If you can accept these deficiencies, then you are already quite ready to step up to the next level, which is getting married.

Support each other
Are you and your partner support each other? Please be noticed in a marriage, there will be decisions to be taken together, ranging from employment issues, financial, and even have kids. If you feel your partner does not support the decision you took, then she is not the right person for you.

Involving partners in each plan
As already mentioned earlier, getting married is something that has a long period of time at all. On the other side as an individual, you must have plans for yourself.  Well, do you involve your partner in your long-term plans? If you aspire to continue education abroad, have you considered the relationship between you both?

Fight fairly
Quarrel is something unavoidable in a relationship that's why uniting two different people are not an easy matter. Things must be considered is the reason of fighting itself and how you both solve them. Couples who can finish it properly can be said to have a more solid foundation for a marriage. Have you decided? Need information about an engagement ring? Visit Jareds Jewelry to get the details.

Actually, there are many sign about whether you're ready for getting married or not. But usually steadiness and confidence will come by itself. If anyone wants to add more, please go directly to the comment section.