Choosing Wedding Souvenirs

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Choosing Wedding Souvenirs

Give a wedding gift to the guests is a form of our appreciation of them who come into the party. Objects that have generally become a souvenir typically ranging from notes, fan, until the photo frame.

Although even seem trivial, but never underestimate the matter of choosing gifts, you know. Why? Because the gift is usually the one thing that is never missed by the guests when it comes to a wedding and can be memorabilia that remind them with your wedding day.


Because of its function as memorabilia, then it should be is a unique wedding gift that always remembered by the guests. Unique here is not meant to be a very out-of-the-box by providing magical objects, but the important thing is to have a proper idea or concept behind it all.

Describe personality

Souvenir should be able to describe your personality and your partner. Its application can be various ranging from objects correspond to objects that describe the profession or personal character. For example, the authors get a small mirror in the form of cans of film from the marriage of an actress. Even though it seemed simple, but they reflect the profession of the bride as a person who works in the field of cinema.

Keep it simple

Choose a souvenir with a compact size in order makes it easy for guests to take home. If indeed the chosen gift is large enough, then give it when the guests exit headed home from a party venue.


You certainly do not want the wedding gift simply ignored or even discarded, do you? Therefore, it is better to choose the objects that can be used by anyone. For example, providing useful objects such as notebooks, luggage tag, and the like are more functional than giving a gift in the form of ornamental objects that are not necessarily displayed by the guests later.

One of the things that usually occur in the selection of the gift is to choose objects that are quite feminine. This generally happens because brides-to-be alone chose it with their point of view as a woman. But it must be remembered that not all the guests who come are women. Imagine if the pretty fan souvenir given to the male guests. Surely they will be reluctant to take her home.