Make Yourself Feel Sexy

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Make Yourself Feel Sexy

Feeling sexy for a woman is a must, but the fact there are tons of women did not realize their potential, to describe this matter, let us read this story. A woman aged approximately 30 years, consulted about her relationship with her husband. She suspected her husband liked female friend in his office. A classic problem that is timeless, the suspicion arises when the wife finds out that her husband seems doesn’t like to return to hometown. They live a different city. One time she found the intimate SMS to her husband.

My standard question is, "How is sexual relationship with husband, ma’am?" A common reaction is flushed face, eyes widened as to say, "Ugh... Psychologist really vulgar!” So if I do not ask it, then I have to ask what?

Women on average cannot enjoy an intimate relationship with her husband, despite being married a dozen years because they do not know how to be a sexy woman. For them, it's just sexual intercourse obligations. This paradigm is less precise. The relationship of husband and wife were not just 'should be so', but regard it as recreation, something fun.

If women are not able to make fun activities together with the husband, then in fact she had hurt herself. Why? Because the woman already has everything she needs! Curious? Follow these tips:

Understand your body & use lingerie to strengthen

Quite a lot of women who are not feeling sexy, they just take care when bathing, spa, or massage. Understanding not only organs of the body, but the sensation that arises with respect to these body parts.

How to be a sexy woman is not something hard to get, just feel which body part you like and which body part you want to 'hide' from the husband when alone together. Then, reinforce the impression of pulling off parts of the body using different underwear. Currently, lingerie model has been very much of the variations. Use it.

Ask your husband to treat you as the way you want. In the beginning, just ask him to do a little. The important thing is to show him if you enjoy it. If you feel ashamed to ask verbally, then use non-verbal language. Hold the husband's hand and then navigate to the part of your body and guided him to do as you wish.

Fix the paradigm

The assumption that women cannot seem eager to get started, it’s something misleading.  My client says that she was embarrassed start first. Another client said she felt weird and not herself when using lingerie. Then, I ask how her husband's reaction saw her in a different style. She replied, "Oh, my husband was thrilled. In fact, I was told to buy other models again ".  Then I told her that sexy dress with her husband when it is not synonymous with 'bad women'. No need to be embarrassed when with her husband.

Positive and sensual expression

Free yourself of expression to how to be a sexy woman, both verbal and non-verbal. Positive words and praise for 'greatness' husband was necessary, do not be stingy praise. Frankly express what you love from the husband, whether it's part of his body or the way he treated you. Feeling sexy and sensual word was needed to whisper in the husband’s ears.

Recreation need variations

Definitely bored if went recreation only to the same place continuously for nearly 20 years. Look for different places.
The next variation is the position of sexual intercourse. Ask the husband to try a new position that will be exciting. Create the fantasy for early stage asks your husband to tell his fantasy, and then try to create it. It will feel strange at first, but over time you can both enjoy it. Check this link right here now on how to give a promise ring