Marriage Virus

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Marriage Virus

How do you feel if someone asks, "When married?" "When will catch up?” It was said that such a question was a form of attention and affection. It will get worse if the friends in our neighborhood mostly are married alias newlyweds. It is definitely going in the assault to that such question. That's right, is not it? Deepened. Oh God, it wants to hide just -_- ".

Well, if the reader experiences it, it means that you're having a wedding viruses or so-called marriage virus. Since it's called a virus, yes, definitely spread. The authors use term of marriage virus as a situation where the uncontrolled wishes emerged, but not matched by the readiness to marry. That situation is only driven by the environments which are mostly already in the marriage. If the reader does not agree, it was not anything.

I remember the quote from friends, he said that marriage was enjoyable, beautiful and worship. He regrets, he said. What? How can it be sorry? He said regretted why not from the beginning getting married. He added, with the urge to marry means to prevent unwanted actions. That is to avoid doing that stuff. Well, you know? But on the contrary, after marriage precisely such actions that may be a reward field.

But wait a second. It doesn’t mean also with us the urge of getting married and then we do not pay attention to other things. We must remember that the cost should be prepared by both parents to marry us in the future. Did money fall like dry leaves, just like that? Especially when we were in college, then we must think is our ability to manage the time between lectures and households, whenever already married. No less exceptional is our knowledge of the marriage. It means there must be the ability inwardly and outwardly when we are faced with getting married.

Well, meaning the urge to get married here is for those who have been able to inwardly and outwardly ready. The question is, whether we are capable of inwardly and outwardly? I return it to the reader. So do not because of the environment we are already in a marriage, and then we went along too skittish want to participate marriage, whereas physically and spiritually was not ready. Readers also must know the fact that getting married it is not for one or two weeks, but in the long term. Need for maturity and the things to be considered there.

So, how to prevent this virus marriage? Well, there are some tips that I get from some experts and some from the articles that I quoted. Among of them are multiply fasting, multiply the positive activities. It means that when we do fasting, then things are not desirable it may be detained and avoided. Meanwhile, with emphasis on positive activities, then our memory of that marriage thing can be minimized because our focus is beneficial activities. Next, make friends with a good environment and good people. This means that they will inevitably lead us to the good things of course.

Do not forget to pray to the Almighty, that we immediately enabled inwardly and outwardly to marry and juxtaposed with someone who will bring us closer to Him.

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