Wedding Perspectives

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Wedding Perspectives

"The princess was married to the prince and they live happily ever after"
Is that marriage as simple as it said? It seemed all would answer quickly "NO". Marriage is the first step to unite two hearts, soul and mind in a sacred bond and legitimate in the eyes of the religion and the law. Marriage has various phases with curves and waves up and down different in a part of life. The journey of love and maturity that finally makes two people decide in a world of marriage.

Marriage is the beginning of the commencement of the two dimensions of life are united, and not the ultimate goal, so it must be cultivated together. If that is the ultimate goal, it is not a necessary struggle to preserve a marriage. Marriage is not just a religious sacred ceremonial event, but a private institution that was built two adults was bound in love. The dream of a marriage is to have children and live happily forever and unseen. So if you cannot achieve the dream, then the marriage is considered imperfect. But, how easy the path to happiness in marriage? Read another topic on where do you wear a promise ring?

Transition Periods In Marriage

There is a honeymoon period in the first years, where everything looks good, beautiful, and interesting. Words up 'thou dear' or 'important you happy' became a favorite song that is repeated every day. No boredom to staring at an angel or prince even a single moment. Without forgetting always is grateful and so proud to have had her completely. If you remember how the first meet and fall in love with your partner, it must be the most beautiful thing in life.

In the following years are a period of adjustment, the first five-year period, when you're finding it hard to hold her because of her waist has become so extra large or you feel you cannot swallow the cooking that is always salty and charred. Or you could just stare at your closet filled with her clothes, but she always complains about not having clothes when invited invitation or reception? Beautiful lady could be a stranger to you. She no longer notices you, but just take care of your children, and do not have time to talk to you, heart to heart again. In other hands your prince of charm could not understand yourselves with all his wishes, he was too busy working for money, only to call if there is a need for it. You need attention and yet communicate the needs of each, as equally busy and feel do not have time. Then keep it from day to day and hope everything will be good in itself. When it was realized that there is no change, then began to think who is wrong and race to find errors of partner and hope to be the winner. Is this a competition? Certainly, it is not the answer.

Hope someone would apologize and remedy the situation. The fact is not so, when they meet each other that sound is speaking in a high tone spiced blaming partner and unravel all the problems which are kept for so long. The issue is not completed would bring a domino effect in the next issue more complicated, plus the complexity of life issues are increasingly complex, the children began to grow up needs more attention both moral and material. Being in such a marriage as a means to meet two people who are not aligned, and feels very oppressive. Marital daily routine is maintained only because it did not know what to do any effort to solve it.

Marriages entered the arena, large bumpy journey, medium and there is a quiet period. Maturity, mutual understanding and receiving will ease the process of getting to know each other. The neighbor’s grass always looks greener than the grass at home. The phrase that illustrates how far to look green, try if the zoom. Course of action pulled "zoom" This is certainly not justified because nosy and make people uncomfortable. Neighbors or other people’s good marriage can be used as an example, which is bad enough to be seen, observed alone. All of us try to get the best effort for happiness in marriage.