Who Says ‘Move On’ Easy?

Monday, August 17, 2015

Who Says ‘Move On’ Easy?

Too early to talk ‘move on’ to someone who just break up a few weeks ago. But for me, this kind of problem should be discussed until complete and finished. Do not let any questions and curiosity about all that has happened. Do not let curiosity make us hard to forget every moment that we have lived with her.

So, for a whole month or perhaps even two months. Not a problem to always discusses and discusses this breakup down to its root, as I try to do this now.  Of course not everything I say is true. Because I’m just an ordinary human being, at least we will find out what kind a human as I am. So, all the people around me can understand that complaint and suffering I feel every day that seemed to have no end.

Our relationship has been running more than 2 years, 10 months, it can be said to be almost 3 years. I start dating her since she was in second grade of high school.  Of course, with my age were adrift about four years, I think not a thing that needs to be questioned.  But it turns out relationships with younger women do not always go according to expectations. From the way she responds the relationship, she still wants to be free, and also do not understand the meaning of commitment. That once promised to keep, but it does not apply to her. That promise does not mean anything, for she perhaps.

Often she brings one small problem about my behavior that chat with an ex-girlfriend. The small problem she always used as a shield, to do the same thing, the same mistakes repeatedly. Sometimes I do not believe it, but then I tried to accept that indeed she was still very young. And may indeed have not thought about anything called commitment.

Alas, I could not tell and write well. In short, this is the third week since the incident very explosive and responded with a very relaxed by her. And I have started to think logically. But still, whose name move on, it was not so easy. Especially there are photos of her, on Facebook, twitter, and various other social networking sites. Even compelled me to turn off my multiple accounts on multiple social networks that do not bother to remove them one by one photograph of her and me.

Not to mention various online storage of media sites. I was a person who utilizes free online storage media available on the Internet. Indeed, I would not find a photograph file of her and me on my computer, but I'll find it all in various online media. Dozens of emails that I use every day, also there is a photo and personal data of her that I use for several purposes.

I am a person with sufficient intensity, online frequency every day. So many things that I got out of everyday life often backed up to the online storage media, whether it's online drive, or email. Even for just a chat reminder when we were arguing, I did that. So with these online activities, I also fear sometimes will find a used and the rest file about her.

This probably tip for friends, better store various moments with a loved one in the media such as photo albums, or in a wallet, so that if at any time break, easy to remove, just put in the stove and got burned. Certainly, with my current circumstances, it’s a pity to burn my favorite PC or my laptop.

But as difficult as any, surely there is wisdom behind the severity of the effort to this ‘move on’. And I'm sure one day I will realize how this is the best thing that could happen to her and me as well. Hope this is the best. Another interesting story at Tiffany infinity ring.