Fading Love In Partner, The Causes

Friday, August 14, 2015

Fading Love In Partner, The Causes

Did you know that keeping a loving relationship could be very difficult? Defend something that could be even more complicated than when we got it. As in a relationship, after we managed to get her heart, our duty is not finished. We still have to maintain the feeling our love to our partner. And, we also need to ensure that our partner also tried to maintain the relationship.

Maybe this time you are in a state undergoing feels empty relationship. Or you're fighting for your relationship to be lasting and harmonious. Well, for that, let's identify the five causes of losing the sense of a loving relationship. So, we can be more careful and self introspective to maintain a relationship. Read another topic on Jareds engagement rings.


Boredom could be the cause of the fading love in a relationship. When you and your partner do the same thing continuously, without any attempt to do something new, then boredom will appear. Boredom will lead to a reduction in the feeling of love you both if left unchecked.

So, try to establish better communication again. Try setting the time to do something new for the first time. Try to select activities that can be done by you and your spouse together. Make your day even more special with a new excitement.

Unfettered feelings

Every person in a relationship needs his own space. To be able to still feel happy, we also need our own freedom. For example, we still need to pursue our own hobbies and interests. We also cannot spend every second with just a couple, can we?

Well, trying to create a sense of longing between you and your partner. You and your partner can try to focus on doing own jobs in a certain time period. Only after that set a specific time to meet. The encounter certainly will feel more special and privileged.

Try to open minds

You and your partner both have something to express. But instead of trying to open up, you and your partner feeling even just bury it. If left too long, this will be a time bomb. It could be that your romantic relationship will lead to separation because there is no longer a sense of fading love as a result of mutual self-closing.

Try to be honest to express feelings. You and your partner can learn to understand each other to open up. It might seem difficult at first, but it is important to try. That's all for the sake of harmony in your relationships and your own happiness.

Excessive criticism

Giving advice and constructive feedback on the partner is necessary. Helping couples to become better people by giving criticism is also legitimate, as long as not excessive. If you and your partner constantly criticize and excessive focus on existing negative things, then sense of love that is already built can be eroded or fading love situation.

Everyone can make mistakes; each individual has own advantages and weaknesses. So there it is necessary to always keep the personal ego. If we criticize our partner, then we also are willing to be criticized. But of course the delivery criticism should also be noted, do not use words that are too hurt.

Unprepared for the change

Establishing a loving relationship, there would be changes. For example, when already married, priorities will change our lives. We also cannot arbitrarily do everything by ourselves. Various changes and adaptation process that takes place needs to be addressed wisely. Otherwise, the longer the feeling of love will increasingly fade.

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